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Isabella Poderico

Hi Im Bella, the founder of The ABC On, a space for media creatives like myself to write, create podcasts and interview artists and fellow creatives.

I am a Writer,Editor, Director and Interviewer for The ABC On and I Host The ABC On Podcast. I am a freelancer for all things Media, and I am currently Arts Editor for The Badger at the University of Sussex.

I hope you enjoy all the content that we work so hard to put out!

Likes: 80's Music and Batman

Dislikes: Mansplaining

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Lucy Maughan

Hi Im Lucy, Co- Founder, Editor and Producer for The ABC On Interviews and Host for The ABC On Podcast. I have always been a lover of all things media (as most of our generation). I'm so excited to be able to create things that will hopefully inspire and entertain others and provide a little escape from the scary world we live in.

As well as working at The ABC On, I'm am also in my second year as a Film Business and Production student!

Likes: Animals and Movies 

Dislikes: Clubbing

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Adesewa Yusuff

My name is Adesewa and im 19 years old, Im a freelancer for TV and Film but now I am writing blogs?  I am obsessed with all things pop culture (and Timothee Chalamet, I am one of those people). I'm a writer for The ABC On and Head of Social Media so most the fun quirky vids you see will be from me!

Likes: Reading, Partying

Dislikes: Most vegetables

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Lucy Richardson

My name is Lucy. I am 19 years old and a Media and Communications student at the University of Sussex. I am a writer for The ABC On.

Likes: Music, Photography, and Surf's Up

 Dislikes: Soup, chives (random i know) and happy feet!

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 Mia Caven

Im Mia Caven, I'm 21 and I'm a Greek London girly born and bred. I've been a music journalist and influencer for over six years, a creative my whole life. You can find me @miacaven on all socials!

Likes: Kids by Patti Smith, and Wes Anderson movies

Dislikes: Most pop music and listening to the radio

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Harry Turnbull

Hey I'm Harry! I focus mainly on music and music journalism, from interviews with bands to gig reviews, but I also love movies and gaming!

Likes: Lego (providing my wallet will allow it)

Dislikes: Stir Fry, Ipswich, and Tainted Love by Soft Cell

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Will Symons

My name is Will and I am a freelance writer from Oxfordshire. I waffle about all sorts in my writing, from sport to politics, history to film. All my work can be found on my twitter (X) @willjsymons

Likes: Cricket, Timothee Chalamet

Dislikes: Nuts (I'm allergic to them)

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Jemimah Kayode

Hi im Jemimah Kayode, I'm 19 years old and I aspire to be an entertainment journalist. I love the fantasy, action and dystoppian genresn and I'm slightly partial to romance. 

Likes: Wattching TV shows, and reading

Dislikes: Horror and Thrillers

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Ellie Watts

Hi Im Ellie, I am 19 years old and I am a filmmaker, and second year film making student. I specialise in doccumentary making and production design but love doing anything in film. I have a particular love for fashion, my current favorite looks are the outfits in the new Coppola film 'Priscilla'.

Likes: Nature and Melanie Martinez 

Dislikes: Celery and Grime Music 

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Amelia Maxim

Hi, Im Amelia, I'm 21 years old and a second year film making student specialising in producing and directing factual. 

Likes: Music and Books

Dislikes: Brussel Sprouts and Spiders 

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